With the Bristol Half Marathon fast approaching, I needed to do something drastic to improve my chances of achieving the magical PB I had been failing to reach. That improvement came in the form of Personal Trainer Sam Cavern – part of the PT Troop in Clifton.

After nailing down my goal, of running a half marathon under 1hr42, Sam put me through my paces with a great training plan that focused on A LOT of leg strength training, alongside a mix of core, arms and fitness. He taught me how to use equipment in the weights room that I was always scared to use and pushed me to reach my potential in every session, channelling my competitive nature.

After three months’ of ‘Bambi on ice’ legs, more squats than I believed possible and a bucket load of enthusiasm and encouragement from Sam, I achieved my goal and ran the half marathon in 1.41.07!

I would highly recommend Sam for anyone who is looking for motivation, inspiration and improvement. I have now increased my sessions and am eager for the next challenge – London Marathon 2018! Thank you Sam.

Sam’s strength training provides a speedy result
Sarah Shergold

At end of May 2016 Ceridwen walked 44km, the second half of the London2Brighton Challenge, delighted with 10hrs.

Tim and Ceridwen have hillwalked on several days in the UK through the summer, particularly climbing several of the North Wales mountains on the Cambrian Way, highlights being in the Rhinogs area. We have also had some fantastic days in the French Alps.

The effort with Sam pays off in that not only can we enjoy the walking, at a reasonable speed, but we can actually wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

Worth every minute in the gym!

Ceridwen Coulson
London2Brighton Challenge

I had a couple of sessions with Russ before sparring in a charity boxing competition. Russ combined improving my boxing based cardio-vascular fitness with perfecting my boxing technique. The first session began with testing my fitness and then continuing on to technical work with the pads. The second session was more technique based and involved taking it in turns to attack or defend. Russ used a number of different boxing styles against me in order to improve my tactical awareness. The sessions were extremely useful when going into the charity fight and I ended up winning my fight and being awarded boxer of the night. I would definitely recommend training sessions with Russ whether you wish to improve your fitness or would like more technical based boxing coaching.

Ben McGeoch
Charity Boxing