Team Troop

  • Tom Rendell

    Tom Wendell spent 8 years in the Royal Marines, serving on operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo. On leaving he rowed the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Atlantic Quest expedition, a world record attempt. The crew achieved the 3rd fastest crossing to that date. He loves expeditions of all kinds – he kayaked unsupported from Sennen Cove to the Scilly Isles. His training style is still influenced by his time in the Royal Marines. He has successfully trained many people for Armed Forces Selection, Police Selection and arduous military courses.

  • Tom Jordan

    Tom Jordan enjoyed a football career spanning 10 years at clubs including Bristol City, Cardiff City, Havant and Waterlooville, Eastleigh, Tamworth, and Weston-Super-Mare. He was often team captain and his career highlights included representing England semi-professional team, and taking on Liverpool at Anfield in an FA Cup match. He has since turned his hand to running and triathlons –for example he regularly runs half marathons in sub 1:20 – no mean feat. As a trainer he has a considerate manner and a determination to get the best out of people.

  • Sam Caven

    Sam Caven enjoys an ongoing semi-professional rugby career, for clubs including Dings Crusaders RFC, Clifton RFC and Cinderford RFC, before specialising in rugby 7s which has taken him all over the world with Apache 7s and Kamikazee 7s. Rugby and fitness are a way of life for Sam and his whole family – some of his many brothers play a similarly high standard. Sam also enjoys competing in Natural Body Building Contests – last year finishing 4th in a national competition. Sam enjoys training all types of client – from children to clients in their 70s, who all get the same level of passion.


    Russ Kent

    Russ Kent is a keen amateur football, boxer and gymnast. So before becoming a personal trainer, he built up years of experience both giving and receiving coaching and this shows in his instructional technique. Russ therefore brings a real breadth and depth of experience to his training, which shows in the sessions he lays on – one minute he has coaxed an intensive boxing round out of a someone with no experience, the next the same person is befitting from Russ’ gymnastics experience on low bars. Russ’ sessions are varied and he is able to quickly adapt his plan to injuries.

  • Annie Pryer

    Annie Pryer is passionate about fitness leading her to give up her previous career to qualify as a Personal Trainer and join the PT Troop. She is also a very keen Golfer and is a regular participant at Hot Yoga classes.
    In addition Annie has recently gained a qualification which specialises in training older adults . In her focus to get people fitter she is currently working on a new NHS programme to help people to avoid diabetes called The Diabetic Prevention Programme. Her nutritional advice and personal training background are proving invaluable to those on the programme.
    Personal training to Annie is about helping clients to achieve their goals and enjoying their success along the way.