Circuit Classes

PT-Troop’s Personal Trainers operate a full programme of circuit classes throughout the week.  We believe we have established the very best circuit classes in Bristol, offering greater variety, imagination and quality of instruction than anyone else around.

We can use virtually no equipment, showing you how to use your body as its own gym. However, unlike at other classes in Bristol, our Personal Trainers will make the effort to set up elaborate sessions with as much equipment as they need. Each Personal Trainer is truly passionate about getting the very best from the group – as well as from each individual.  Time and effort goes into thinking out each session – with the result that individuals remain challenged each week.  One regular attendee told us this was the only circuit training class in Bristol she has attended where feels she has been really stretched each week – in all the others she was able the reach a comfort zone quite quickly.  We don’t let that happen here!

These circuit classes are truly suitable for all.  We have members of elite military units attending on leave.  We have current and ex international Rugby and Hockey players.  We also have real exercise novices –  people who have not exercised at all for years.  People often disbelieve that such a diverse group could form a cohesive class.  How do we do it?  By knowing each individual in the class – what injuries they carry, what their strengths and weaknesses are.  By dividing the class into groups, and allowing people to migrate between them.  By always having and alternative exercise if someone can’t do something.  But most importantly, by our knowledge, experience and passion.

We train in the following places and times;

  • 1830 on Tuesday, on the Downs.  Junction of Ladies Mile and Stoke Road.
  • 1930 on Wednesday, at Clifton College Gym, Guthrie Road Clifton.  BS8 3EZ
  • 1830 Thursday, on the Downs.  Junction of Ladies Mile and Stoke Road.
  • 0915 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, on the Downs.  Outside the Downs Cafe.  !!  CHILDRENS CLASSES RUNNING CONCURRENTLY DURING ALL SCHOOL HOLIDAYS  !!

The cost is just £5.  “Pay as you Train” – no booking or direct debits.


Results will vary from person to person, according to factors including age, health injuries and medication.